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As a child, Ashley had a whirl of energy and quickly discovered that CHEERLEADING was her favorite way to express herself. Though Ashley's cheerleading career began with competitive all-star teams, it was on the SIDELINE where she fell in love with the "Friday Night Lights" and experienced the true essence of team pride, spirit and tradition. Ashley cheered two years in middle school for Strack Intermediate and all four years in high school for the nationally renowned Klein High School cheerleading squad. In her senior year, she was voted by her teammates to represent Klein High School at NCA Nationals. Ashley came home a National Champion. That year, Ashley was also recruited by NCA to join their staff. A dual-sport athlete, Ashley received a four year track & field scholarship to LSU to compete in the long and triple jumps. During the summers, she worked as an NCA staff member teaching cheerleading camps throughout Texas. Ashley graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management with a focus in Entrepreneurship. One of her greatest accomplishments was living out her dream cheering on the SIDELINE as a Pro NFL Cheerleader for the Houston Texans. An esteemed talent within the Texans organization, Ashley received many accolades including Rookie of the Year, Best Performer and MVP. Additionally, Ashley served as a line captain for the Houston Texans two of her three seasons on the team. In her final season with the Texans, Ashley was selected by her teammates to represent them at the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii. Since retiring from the Houston Texans, Ashley has choreographed for the organization's Jr. Cheer Program on multiple occasions and enjoys the opportunity to stay connected. Ashley went on to receive her MBA from Eastern University in Saint Davids, PA. As the Founder and CEO of Sideline Spirit, Ashley hopes to inspire and motivate youth to strive for excellence in all that they do.  She also hopes that through the sport and guidance of Sideline Spirit, athletes will develop qualities like leadership, self-esteem, discipline, SPIRIT, service, and teamwork. “Never underestimate the impact that a simple activity can have on a child’s life.  Along my journey, GOD, FAMILY, & CHEERLEADING has made the difference.” Ashley is excited about further developing her vision for Sideline Spirit and devoting herself to the development of cheerleaders on and beyond the sidelines. Outside of cheerleading, Ashley enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves dancing, traveling, cooking, and interior decorating.

COACH RACHEL, S! Team Director 

Coach Rachel has been with Sideline Spirit for 5 years now and was recently named Coach of the Year and Team Director. Today, Rachel oversees all of the teams at Sideline Spirit and coaches Tumbling and Spirit Bootcamp! A former, jr. high, high school and collegiate cheerleader, Rachel earned a degree in Kinesiology from Sam Houston State University, while she was apart of their All- Girl cheer team. When not coaching, Rachel loves to spend time with her family and at the beach!


As a former swimmer, Klein Oak High School Cheerleader and current Sam Houston State University Cheerleader, Coach Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Sideline Spirit. Coach Jeff takes pride in the opportunity to work with athletes at Sideline Spirit to help them become their very best. He is also great at breaking down skills and drills to students that results in continued growth and development. "He's a great guy with morals and standards which make him a solid role model for young athletes," says Founder, Ashley Goncalves. Coach Jeff recently made the US National Team which is a tremendous honor and his Sideline family could not be more proud of him. Be sure to check out one of Coach Jeff's tumbling or stunt classes at Sideline Spirit…you won’t regret it!


Coach Megan has been in the cheer industry for 21 years now. From cheering on the sidelines in high school, she found her way to the All-Girl team at Sam Houston State University. That experience lead her to join the UCA Staff. Coach Megan currently travels to judge All-Star cheerleading competitions across the country on the weekends. During the week, she works for the athletic department at The John Cooper School and coaches Spirit Bootcamp, Tumbling and Jump Tech classes at S! In addition, she is one of Sideline’s go-to instructors for school squad training both on and off-site.


Coach Autumn has been a lively addition to our team and brings a contagious energy to each of her classes. She has been with the Sideline Spirit family for 3 years now. A former high school cheerleader and 2 year collegiate cheerleader for Sam Houston State University's All-Girl squad, Coach Autumn has quite the passion for cheer and loves to share her knowledge with the students at S! She's always great at finding new ways to breakdown skills to athletes. Coach Autumn coaches some of our Tumbling, Spirit Dance, and Jump Tech classes. When not coaching, Autumn enjoys spending time with her family, friends, cats and traveling. She also serves as an ambassador and spokesperson for one of her hometown hospitals participating in speaking engagements a few times a year. 


Coach Amber is the ultimate Game Day performer and she's not afraid to show it! When she's not at Sideline Spirit coaching Motion Technique and Beginner Tumbling classes, you can catch Amber rocking the sidelines at football games as a Grand Oaks High School Cheerleader.  Coach Amber started out as student at Sideline Spirit and learned from the best. When she expressed an interest in working for Sideline, we were thrilled to welcome her to our team. As an athlete, she had proven her work ethic, passion and commitment. We had no doubt that the same attributes would carry over as a coach. 


Skylar is a cheerleader for Oakridge HS which just placed 2nd in the state. She started out as a competitive dancer and later transitioned into cheer. Skylar has been cheering for 5 years and has been apart of the Sideline family for 6 years. She is the co-captain of the Sparkle Cheer Team which is a special education team at her school and also coaches tumbling classes for special needs children at Sideline Spirit. A few more fun facts about Coach Skyler… she loves to travel and has been to over 10 countries. She also plans to study mechanical engineering in college.


Coach Jamison coaches Spirit Sprout, Motion Tech, and Beginner Tumbling classes at Sideline Spirit. She also serves as the Co-Captain of her cheer team at Klein Collins High School. Advice that Coach Jamison gives to fellow cheerleaders is “to work on your skills all year round; enroll in classes and camps to prepare yourself for tryouts.” 


Coach Daisy has years of experience in gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling. Today she uses her knowledge to teach kiddos at Sideline about the fundamentals of tumbling and cheer in our Beginner Tumbling classes and Jr. Xtreme Team. Coach Daisy also spends her time as a cheerleader at Klein Collins High School.  Daisy joined the Sideline team because she loves the sport of cheerleading and enjoys working in an atmosphere that encourages athletes to stay active.