Kenzie Arent

Featured Cheerleader



Tell us about… What school you tried out for:
I tried out for cheer at York Junior High - 8th grade, CISD

What you did to prepare for cheer tryouts:

The first year that I tried out for school cheer, which was last year, I prepared by attending a cheer workshop at York Junior High. I also attended Operation Tryout and FIRST 15 at Sideline Spirit. Prior to each of those clinics, I attended Spirit Bootcamp - a tryout prep program at Sideline Spirit twice a week. I am proud to say that I was one of the first two participants ever! This year, I had an entire season of cheering with my school, took tumbling classes at Sideline Spirit and I also attended FIRST 15. 

What it was like trying out for the very first time:
I was slightly nervous but more excited as I felt very prepared

Any obstacles that you had to overcome:
The first year that I tried out for school cheerleader, I had a broken hand/finger. I play club volleyball and was injured playing right before cheer tryouts. I had to tryout with a cast on my arm up to my elbow. This year, I was still really nervous because being on the team this year made me want it even more! Learning all of the material was a lot easier though.  It was also really fun helping the 7th graders with their dance and cheer.  A couple of them actually were at FIRST 15 at Sideline with me this year!!!

What your reaction was when you heard that you made the team:
I was glad that the waiting was over and excited for next year!

What you most looked forward to when you first made the team:
BOWS!!! New friends and lots of cheer!

What your favorite aspect of cheer is:
Tumbling and energizing the crowd!