Addison, Emery and Harper Mathews

Meet our featured cheerleaders...


This month’s featured cheerleaders & mascot are triplet sisters Addison, Emery & Harper Mathews. Emery & Harper recently made their cheer team at Hofius Intermediate School and Addison made mascot. Congrats on being named our featured cheerleaders & mascot! You all deserve it! 

What do you love most about the gameday experience? 

Harper: I love cheering on the athletes, getting fans excited and being a leader.

Emery: I love learning more to get better and cheering for our school.

What do you look forward to during your first year as a cheerleader/mascot?

Harper: Going to all of the games and getting to know my team.

Emery: I am looking forward to cheering for my friends at their games and seeing my sister Addison as the mascot at the games.

Addison: To see all the joy on peoples faces and just to make someones day.

What sets you apart from everyone else? 

Harper: I am always so peppy, truly happy and excited.

Emery: I work my hardest to get the result I want, I push myself past my limits and when I mess up I laugh it off and work harder.

Addison: Something I think helped set me apart was my confidence during everything. I practiced my skit, dance and game day challenge.

What will be your favorite part about being on the sidelines with your sisters?

Harper: We will have so much fun cheering and hanging out together.

Emery: My sisters always help me out and tell me what looks good.

Addison: Them trying to teach me cheers and dances to do on the sidelines. 

What skills are you currently working on? 

Harper: Perfecting my back handspring.

Emery: Trying to get my jumps level.

Addison: Working as a team with the other mascot Kennedy. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 

Harper: Acting, basketball and tumbling.

Emery: Playing with my dog, cheering, running and theatre.

Addison: Everything to do with my dog, art and basketball.

What is your favorite part about being a triplet?

Harper: There will always be someone that will be there and when you’re doing something new and don’t know anyone you at least know two people who will be there and love you forever. 

Emery: I like that I’m never alone. Also if anyone is rude to me, I have two body guards always. 

Addison: Well, there are lots of good things, but something that people can’t take away even if they tried hard is our bond that will never change.