Caitlyn Prewitt (October)

Featured Cheerleader


Meet october's featured cheerleader...


Caitlyn is currently a cheerleader at Klein Collins. She joined the Sideline Spirit! Team about 3 and a half years ago and is currently enrolled in our Jump Technique class. Congrats on being our featured cheerleader, Caitlyn!!

WHAT DO YOU LOOK FORWARD TO MOST IN THE FALL SEASON? I look forward to football season because I love to cheer and watch the games!

WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON/IMPROVING? I am working on hyper extending my jumps and a toe-touch back tuck.

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU GIVE TO ANYONE TRYING OUT FOR A SCHOOL CHEERLEADING TEAM? Be sure to prepare ahead of time and have a spirit pass in place! Also, don't forget to work hard every single day!

WHAT IS YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE IN BEING A SCHOOL CHEERLEADER? My greatest challenge is working on my self confidence.

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IN YOUR FREE TIME? I love to spend time with my friends, read, and watch Netflix!