Alison Alexander (November 2017)

Featured Cheerleader


Meet november's featured cheerleader...


Alison is 12 years old and is currently a cheerleader at Doerre Intermediate School. She first joined Sideline Spirit! when she attended First 15 (a tryout prep clinic), and then started taking our Jump Technique and Game Day classes at the beginning of the year. Congratulations, Alison!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PART ABOUT THE FALL SEASON? I love the atmosphere. The way the air feels, the wind, the trees, Halloween, and the start of a new season is what I love the most.

WHAT ARE YOU CURRENTLY WORKING ON/IMPROVING? I am working on my jumps and tumbling. I want to have my round off back handspring back full this year!

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU GIVE TO ANYONE TRYOUT OUT FOR A SCHOOL CHEERLEADING TEAM? My last lesson with Coach Autumn helped me understand most of what to do to make the team. We ran through everything on it's own - everything all together. We practiced tumbling ,dancing, cheer over and over again! We worked on what to do if I were to mess up. What I am saying is to do the best you can to be prepared!  After that comes the confidence, the smile, and the voice projection!

WHAT DO YOU ENJOY DOING IN YOUR FREE TIME? I enjoy jumping around and playing on the trampoline in my free time.