Alexx Colazzo

Featured Cheerleader



Tell us your cheer story:
I started dancing at age 3 and really enjoyed it but once I reached middle school, I was interested in being part of a team. That led me to strive for my goal of becoming a cheerleader for the Strack Cougars. I’ve continued cheering throughout the years and I’m now on the Varsity cheerleading team for Klein Collins High School.  I’m glad that I made the decision to commit to this sport because school cheerleading is what I love, there is nothing like being in front of a crowd and supporting my team.

Most memorable cheer experience:
That’s easy, cheering at my very first Varsity football game! 

Most embarrassing cheer blooper:
At a game, we were performing the Alma Mater and the entire team was bent down doing a low touchtown motion- except for me! I was holding a high touchdown motion on my tippy toes. It was embarrassing but really funny- sometimes you have to laugh at yourself ☺

Hobbies outside of cheerleading:
Scrapbooking and shopping!

Favorite aspect of cheerleading:
My favorite aspect is having the chance to provide spirit by supporting my schools sports team and being able to lead not only on the sidelines but at school.

Role on the cheerleading team:
I always make an effort to keep everyone positive. Kind of like being a cheerleader for the cheerleaders- by saying good things about others and being optimistic, I hope to be an encouragement to my teammates.

Future plans:
To attend Texas A&M University and major in Marketing or Journalism.

How has cheerleading shaped you as a person:
It has given me a group of friends to depend on and a place to belong. Through cheerleading, I have become more outgoing and learned to make sacrifices and work together as team. Cheerleading has given me something to really love.