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Featured Cheerleader

Meet our featured cheerleader...


Gabrielle attends Kimmel Intermediate School. She has been a member at Sideline Spirit since 2017, but has participated in various cheer camps with us since 2014. She is our first featured cheerleader of the year and she was thrilled to learn that she had be selected. Congrats Gabrielle!

What do you love most about the gameday experience? Cheering on the sidelines with my squad (who are like sisters) is a blast! When I look up at the crowd in the stands and get them pumped up throughout the game, it is the best feeling of unity for our school! Whether the team on the field is winning or losing, it’s about keeping the fans in the stands engaged and excited! 

What sets you apart from everyone else? You can see it on my face in every game. I have a true love for sports - a super fan who has a lot of passion for my teams! I have grown up watching my older brother play football and basketball, so I understand what is happening…which really helps in cheer!

What are some of your favorite hobbies? Tumbling, musical theater, hanging out with friends, shopping and traveling.      


You can

see it on my face every game. I have a true love for sports!