Cheer Clinics - Operation Tryout - Spring, Texas

Cheer Clinics by Sideline Spirit Cheer Company near Houston, Texas includes Operation Tryout to help you learn ​new cheer choreography and a mock cheerleading tryout.

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Operation Tryout is a clinic that takes place weeks before tryouts. The clinic gives athletes an opportunity to experience the tryout process before their actual tryout as they learn new choreography and experience a mock tryout in front of judges. 

Learn How to Maximize the Score Sheet Learn from industry experts how to maximize the score sheet at tryouts so that you can make your best impression.

Experience a Mock Tryout Experience a mock-tryout and leave with helpful verbal and written critiques by trained professionals and experts in the industry.

Benefit from Professional Instruction Let trained professionals evaluate your skills, advise you on proper technique and provide instruction on what you can do to improve your skills leading up to the big day. 

Gain Strength Cheerleaders are athletes too! Operation Tryout stresses the importance of physical fitness. Each day participants will gain strength and conditioning tips to become a stronger cheerleader. 

Learn Rockin’ Choreography Why do we cheer? For the fun of it! Learn the coolest new dances, cheers and chants while getting in shape for tryouts. 

Improve Memorization Cheerleading tryouts can be demanding, requiring one to learn loads of choreography at one time. Operation Tryout will help to train your mind (before tryouts) to pick up and effectively perform new material.

Make New Friends When you leave our clinic you will have new friends with shared interests and goals that will be a social network of support during tryout week.