Staying in Shape this Summer

Just because it's summer, doesn't mean you can't still train! Here are a few tips and tricks from TCU Cheerleader and former Sideline Spirit athlete, Megan B. about how she stays in shape for game day in the fall.

1. STAY HYDRATED - It is extremely important that you get plenty of fluids during these hot summer days, especially if you are working out. Fun fact...You lose a under a liter of water daily when it evaporates from the skin. This amount can increase dramatically when you sweat profusely due to vigorous workouts or high body temperature. Without water, it is hard for our bodies to perform to our best potential!

2. STAY FLEXIBLE - Stretching for a few minutes each day helps to loosen your muscles. When your muscles are tight, then this can increase the risk of injuries. This also prevents extreme amounts of soreness when you return to normal practices. I try to stretch every day for at least ten minutes to keep up my flexibility.


Happy summer

and happy training!

- Megan B.

3. KEEP UP THE CARDIO - In games, you are constantly moving and cheering on your team. You can make this easier on yourself by doing workouts that include getting your heart rate up. I think jumping rope and running are really helpful.

4. REVIEW - It is important to review whatever material you know. Whether it is a few chants or cheers from the previous year or tryouts, it helps your team as a whole and you individually. The more you practice, the better your team looks on the sidelines. I like to practice super sharp motions in the mirror or have a friend video me so I can critique myself.