It's time for you to bring it on!

It’s time for you to bring it on! Tryout season is here and there is no stopping it. For some, this is your first time to every tryout and for others this could be your last. You may think it gets easier the more years you tryout, but the nervousness will always be there. You just need to figure out a way to control it.

Sideline Spirit has been packed with classes and events since January to get you ready for those tryout jitters. From motion tech to dance classes, we break down the sport of cheerleading into specific segments. This allows us focus on one aspect at a time and help the athletes perfect their skills. We hope everyone who attends Sideline feels ready to tackle tryout day.

We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” So, make sure that you practice every chance that you get. Yell those words in the car on the ride to school, work on the dance during commercial breaks at home and hit those sharp motions in the mirror while you’re getting ready for school in the morning. Take those free moments to perfect your skills and fight for your spot on the sideline. When tryout day arrives, just remember to take it one section at a time. Don’t focus on the cheer if you have to do the dance next. Don’t rush your jumps if you need a second to breathe. Take a second to breathe. This is your chance to show the judges why YOU deserve a spot on that team. Don’t focus on what skills someone else has. What is important is that you work on perfecting your strengths and improving your weaknesses. If you mess up, keep going. Show the judges that you won’t let a bump in the road slow you down. Be confident. Be courageous. Be fierce. Be you.Finally, when you hear your number called, it’s time to give it all you got! Straighten that bow one last time, show your bright smile, and place your arms tight and clean by your side. Get ready…it’s tryout time!