Beyond the Sidelines: JV Klein Collins HS Cheer Captain, Lauren Whitehead, on Tryouts

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Hey girls! My name is Lauren and I'm captain of the junior varsity team at Klein Collins high school! Being a cheer leader is an awesome and exciting thing and I love it! With tryouts just around the corner I know you may be feeling a lot of emotions, especially if this is your first time to try out. But always stay confident! I've learned from personal experiences that confidence is the best thing you can have going in to a try out! The judges love to see big smiles and lots of confidence when you walk on to that mat.

I know you all may be nervous, excited and anxious etc, and those feelings are normal! Just remember to try your hardest and prove to the judges you deserve a spot on that team! There is no better feeling after you have learned all your material, and practiced all week to have it have it memorized and you're at the point where you feel comfortable doing it! I promise in the end all of your hard work will pay off!! Be confident and focus on YOU! Good luck!!!